Probate / Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, a family mourns the loss and then starts looking to the next steps. Often, the next step is to sort out the family member’s affairs. The family realizes they must figure out how to deal with issues like bank accounts, the house, life insurance. Maybe there is a will, maybe there isn’t. The process of handling assets and debts for someone who isn’t around to talk to can be stressful and frustrating.

Minnesota’s laws can have a major impact on how you move forward. Many people simply do not know where to start, what they are legally required to do, and that there are deadlines on getting things done.

Our goal is to make sure the process is explained in a way that is simple, as you are trying to deal with the death of a loved one. We can help you navigate the legal system and make sure your loved one’s property is handled properly in the way they wanted.

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